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Acrylic for framing: Advantages Over Glass and Proper Cleaning

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One of the most common questions I receive has to do with the material we use for the framing display. Why don't you use glass? What are the advantages of acrylic? How do you clean acrylic?

This week I did a lot of research on acrylic - it's advantages over glass, as well as the proper methods of cleaning. I came across a particularly great blog post written by Logan Graphic Products, Inc. and they were gracious enough to give me permission to share a lot of their insight.

First let's talk about why acrylic is the preferred display compared to glass:

When most people think of acrylic, the first thing that comes to mind is durability. Compared to glass, acrylic is virtually unbreakable. When a framed piece is likely to be moved around a lot, acrylic seems the obvious choice, and when the item is to be shipped, it seems a necessity.

Compared to glass acrylic is remarkably lightweight. With larger pieces (such as framed jerseys), glass can be dangerously heavy, causing the frame to bow under the weight. Not only that, but glass can be dangerous to handle in those larger sizes, threatening to flex and snap. 

Acrylic is more expensive than glass. When it comes to price and ease of cutting, glass beats acrylic. But when it comes to durability, cleanliness and light weight acrylic wins every time. There are pros and cons to glass and acrylic. Depending on the situation one may be preferred over the other.

What is the best way to clean acrylic:

Acrylic is more fragile than glass; it is easily scratched. Even just rubbing a crumpled up paper towel across the surface of acrylic can cause light surface abrasions. For this reason, a soft cloth is advised when cleaning it, either a cotton rag or a specially constituted paper towel like a Scott Wyp-All, which has the texture and feel of cotton. In addition, plastic cleaner must be used to clean acrylic, never glass cleaner.

Thank you again Logan Graphic Products, Inc. for the use of your great article, I believe the fine customers of SportsDisplays will greatly appreciate the insight!

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