Michael Jordan's Everlasting Popularity

Michael Jordan's Everlasting Popularity

Along with the rest of the world, we watched every episode of The Last Dance. The 10 part special brought back many memories and introduced a new generation to the legend of Michael Jordan. At SportsDisplays we have a unique perspective into the popularity of athletes based on the jerseys that are being framed. As the largest jersey framing company, SportsDisplays has kept detailed analysis on the breakdown of the sport of each jersey we frame, the player name, etc. This results in some fascinating analysis when we look at the numbers.

While football accounts for more than 40% of all framed jerseys the most popular jersey to frame is Michael Jordan! Given the fact that basketball jerseys make up only 15% of the total framed jerseys, it’s amazing that a basketball player is the #1 overall framed jersey (football players name up the rest of the top 5)!

Framing a jersey is a very personal project, some would argue the most personal of all sports memorabilia. Hanging a jersey signifies the admiration and love of an athlete in your home, office, etc. While many websites report on the purchasing of jerseys, this is nowhere near the level of permanence of framing a jersey. This includes professional athletes, college athletes, or your own high school/college jersey. 

Many sports talk radio shows have been filled with the debate of Michael Jordan vs. LeBron James. When it comes to framing jerseys it's no contest - Michael Jordan is #1 overall, while LeBron James is outside the Top 20, ranking behind others basketball players including Steph Curry, Kobe Bryant, Larry Bird, and Magic Johnson. 

The memorabilia market for Michael Jordan is exploding again with the popularity of The Last Dance and SportsDisplays expects to frame many more of his jersey!