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Olympic Spirit

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Yesterday in Rio we saw the true embodiment of the Olympic Spirit. While Simone Biles, Michael Phelps and Katie Ledecky have captured the headlines (and magazine cover) I was moved yesterday as I watched replays of the 5000m qualifying heat showing New Zealand runner Nikki Hamblin and American Abbey D'Agostino colliding and falling on the track. What happens next will have you reaching for a tissue - Hamblin was hurt and crying, but instead of running to catch the others D'Agostino came back to Hamblin to help her up and urge her to finish the race. 

Turns out D'Agostino had a bad ankle injury and had to hobble to complete the race (getting lapped by competitors). Who was waiting for her at the finish line? You guessed it, Hamblin was there to cheer her through the finish line where D'Agostino had to be taken away in a wheelchair.

The next headlines to be written at the Olympics will include names such as Bolt, Durant, Walsh Jennings and other yet to be determined outcomes, but let's all hope we keep the lasting memory of a random heat in the women's 5000m when sportsmanship and the Olympic spirit were on full display!

As a company that frames sports memorabilia, we'll likely see an influx of Rio Olympics collectibles as our customers return home. The jerseys and memorabilia each tell there own story and I'm a sucker for those stories! If anyone was at this 5000m heat and is framing their memorabilia, be sure to ask for the "heartstrings" discount!

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