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Sometimes a Framed Jersey has extra meaning

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At SportsDisplays we frame hundreds of jerseys every month. Many of the jerseys are your standard sports memorabilia - jerseys autographed by the customer's favorite football, baseball, hockey, soccer, basketball player. We also see a lot of jerseys our customers or a friend/family member have worn - high school, college or professional!

However, every once in awhile we receive a jersey with incredible sentimentality - the uniform of a fallen officer, Letterman's jacket from a grandparent, or the jersey of a deceased player. A framed jersey is such a profound way to honor an individual and these unique situations each have their story.

Last week Arizona football had a player pass away in his sleep. This shocking event rocked the Tucson and Arizona community. In an extreme act of kindness and community, the Arizona Cardinals (NFL) offered their facilities to the Arizona football team and went to extreme lengths to make them feel at home (painting the end zones, changing the hashmarks for College football, signs throughout the facility). 

After framing the player's jersey to be displayed at his services, SportsDisplays was also contacted to frame jerseys as a thank you to owner Michael Bidwell and General Manager Steve Keim.


The Cardinals undoubtedly have acquired many new fans (including this author).

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