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Blog: Outside the Frame - college basketball

Where Are They Now?

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This week we're framing the jersey of a former NCAA basketball All-American. He was a household name for any College Basketball fan during the early 2000's, playing in arguably the best conference and eventually becoming a Top 20 pick in the NBA draft.

When we got his jersey last week (autographed and presented as a gift to a family friend) it was the first I heard his name in over 10 years. It got me thinking - we churn these elite players over every year, across 20+ NCAA sports, but we rarely know where they go unless they're playing in the NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB. 

My curiosity got the better of me, so of course I immediately went to the greatest source of all - Wikipedia! It was great to see that after this player had a short NBA career and played in the NBA D-League, he also went to Europe and other leagues around the world. He then transitioned into a successful career outside of sports!

While the headlines are owned by those with long NBA or NFL careers, they are the exception rather than the rule. It must be a difficult transition to go from adoring fans filling up stadiums, gymnasiums and parks to the harsh reality of the real world.

When we received this player's college basketball jersey it was a reality check that our favorite players indeed move on to have their own lives, their own stories. While they're playing for our favorite school they are our heroes! Favorite players! Idols! .... until they leave and the new class of players takes the field/court next year! 

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