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Social Media Contest - September 19 Update

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There are 12 days left in the Social Media Contest that SportsDisplays announced on August 19. The contest runs through September 30 and the customer with the most "points" will win a framed Executive Jersey Framing ($390)! Second and third place will win a framed Classic Jersey Framing ($229)!

As of today, here are the standings:

  1. Close race between @BillyLeino and @Rickie_b
  2. Close race between @BillyLeino and @Rickie_b
  3. Close race between Fabian Sal, @Castilltho, @aJitNameNicole, @sanfordkoufax32

It's not too late for you to post your own pictures on Twitter/Facebook/Instagram and quickly rack up your own points. Getting one picture to go "viral" can quickly get a lot of retweets/favorites. I have found the best way to get Likes/Retweets/Shares is to tag the pictures with the player/team's official account. In the few weeks of this contest, we've had Likes/Retweets from Justin Tuck, Frank Thomas, Bobby Jackson, Scott Pollard and Doug Christie! 

Be sure to tag the picture with @sportsdisplays!

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