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Most Popular Jerseys Framed in 2017

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Now that 2017 is complete, we can report on the most popular framed jerseys for the year! 2017 was once again a record breaking year for SportsDisplays, with thousands of jerseys framed. Now for the leader board!

  1. Michael Jordan - Despite retiring 15 years ago, Michael Jordan remains on top as the most popular jersey framed! Not too surprising, but Michael Jordan has been the most popular framed jersey every year SportsDisplays has been in business! 

    Michael Jordan Chicago Bulls
  2. Tom Brady - Brady has been the most popular framed NFL jersey the last couple years and now he move up to the second most popular of all jerseys!Tom Brady New England Patriots
  3. Joe Montana - Another popular retired player makes the list of most popular framed jerseys in 2017! Joe Montana has been retired for awhile, but must have done a lot of signings, as we received a lot more of his jerseys than normal!

  4. Kobe Bryant - Last year after announcing his retirement, Kobe was the second most popular framed jersey. In 2017 his popularity continued as he stays in the Top 5 of all framed jerseys!

    Kobe Bryant Los Angeles Lakers

  5. Rob Gronkowski - Making his debut on the list of most popular jerseys is Rob Gronkowski! His popularity has soared in the NFL as he is a highlight on the field every week! The New England Patriots continue to dominate on the field and with framed jerseys they place two in our top 5!

Others to just miss the list of most popular jerseys include Peyton Manning, Steph Curry (both on the list last year), Emmitt Smith and Sidney Crosby

Who will be the most popular framed jerseys at the end of 2018? Michael Jordan is likely to top the list again, but who will come next? This year there were two new entries (Montana and Gronkowski) and I'll bet we have some new ones next year!

SportsDisplays thanks all of our loyal customers in 2017 and we look forward to a happy, healthy and successful 2018!

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