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Most Popular Jerseys Framed in 2016

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Now that 2016 is complete, we can report on the most popular framed jerseys for the year! 2016 was another record breaking year for SportsDisplays, with thousands of jerseys framed. Now for the leader board!

  1. Michael Jordan - Despite retiring 14 years ago, Michael Jordan remains on top as the most popular jersey framed! There's no question Jordan is the most popular athlete on the planet, as his jersey has been the most framed every year! While the Chicago Bulls is the most popular, this year we also framed the Birmingham Barons, Washington Wizards, University of North Carolina, and even Laney High School!

    Michael Jordan Chicago Bulls
  2. Kobe Bryant - The second most popular jersey to frame in 2016 was Kobe Bryant. Not a big surprise with his retirement at the end of the NBA season. While the majority of the Kobe jerseys are of course the Los Angeles Lakers, we have also framed a number of Lower Merion High School jerseys!

    Kobe Bryant Los Angeles Lakers

  3. Steph Curry - The most popular current jersey is Steph Curry of the Golden State Warriors. As the unanimous NBA MVP, Steph Curry had a meteoric rise in popularity in 2016!

    Steph Curry Golden State Warriors
  4. Tom Brady - Brady continues to be the most popular framed NFL jersey. While Football jerseys are double the total of all other sports combined (basketball, baseball hockey), as individuals nothing matches the popularity of Jordan, Bryant, Curry. This year we of course framed many New England Patriots jerseys, but also framed some Tom Brady University of Michigan jerseys as well!

    Tom Brady New England Patriots

  5. Peyton Manning - This is the 2nd recently retired player to make the Top 5! Peyton Manning announced his retirement after winning the Super Bowl with the Denver Broncos! What a fairy tale ending to a Hall of Fame career! We also continue to see a fair number of Manning Indianapolis Colts jerseys!

    Peyton Manning Denver Broncos

Who will be the most popular framed jerseys at the end of 2017? Michael Jordan is likely to top the list again, but who will come next? There are sure to be other recently retired players and Curry/Brady are likely to remain on the list!

SportsDisplays wishes you and your family and Happy and Healthy 2017!!

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