FAQ - Where can I get pictures to frame with my Jersey?

FAQ - Where can I get pictures to frame with my Jersey?

So you've decided to get your jersey framed and now you see examples on the SportsDisplays Facebook or Twitter page that have the jerseys framed with pictures, cards, nameplates, etc. You don't have any pictures of your favorite athlete so the search begins... where is the best place to get pictures to frame with your jersey?

Major Online Sites

The first option are sites like eBay and Amazon, which serve as a marketplace for individuals and businesses to sell products, including sports memorabilia. This is where you're going to find the largest selection of pictures and other memorabilia, both autographed and not-autographed. Before bidding on an item, just be sure the seller is trustworthy, by looking at their customer reviews, ensuring the item has a Certification of Authentication if it's signed, etc.

Sports Memorabilia Stores

The second option are sports memorabilia stores such as Steiner SportsMill Creek SportsSports Memorabilia, or a local sports memorabilia store you may have in your city. You aren't going to find the same level of selection at these stores, but they are still a great option for locating autographed pictures of your favorite athlete, and you can feel more comfortable since they are trusted brands.

Google Images

If you aren't looking for autographed pictures, one option you should seriously consider is Google Images. Google Images is a great resource to easily search on any name to locate pictures across the internet. If you are going to use these images to print pictures, make sure you choose a high quality image

The easiest way to find the high quality image is to use the "Search Tools" option, and then in the menu that appears choose "Large", or "Larger than..." (choose at least "2 MB"). You will now have your choice of images! 

Once you find one you like, simply click on the picture and a larger version of the picture pops up. Right click on the picture and you can now save it to your computer! When you have the picture saved to your computer, you can print it at home if you have a quality photo printer, or you can easily upload the image to be printed at CostcoWalgreens or another store.

See below for an example of searching Google Images for high quality Tom Brady images: